Our 8th anniversary breakfast at home

This weekend, Monta and I celebrated our anniversary. As I reflected on our last eight years together, I realized how incredible life is when you find your person and just how grateful I am that the stars aligned in God’s great universe for us to find each other. We neither one had any idea what we were doing. We knew we had love for one another, and we knew we had friends and family who believed in our love, but we had no idea how it would work out.

In so many ways, we are opposites. He’s athletic, adventurous, and confident. I’m soft, a homebody, and becoming. He’s brown. I’m white. He’s Muslim. I’m Christian. I’m a reader and a writer. He’s perceptive, a doer, and a problem-solver.

In so many ways, we are the same. We both love to travel, and to try new things. We both love to snuggle and to have our own space. We both love God and seek to serve God by caring for others and ourselves. We’re both sentimental and cherish historical things. We both love family and spending time with them. We both work for and care for Claremont School of Theology. We both love and cherish each other.

Eight years ago, we had no idea what we were doing, but we took a chance on love. For our anniversary this year, I bought Monta a children’s book titled What Do You Do with a Chance? by Kobi Yamada. We both love another book by Yamada titled What Do You Do with an Idea?, so I thought I should get this one.

The conclusion?

“So, what do you do with a chance?

You take it…because it just might be the start of something incredible.”

And it was. And it is.

There’s no better word to describe our life together: incredible.

Alhamdulilah. Thanks be to God.

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